Vicky Fang sells Ava Lin graphic novel series to Candlewick


Vicky Crocformer Google product designer and author ofand Layla and the robotsand the Friendbots seriessold its latest hybrid series of picture books and graphic novels Ava Lin at Sarah Kechersid at Candlewick after receiving several offers. Ava Lin features an optimistic and creative six-year-old Chinese-American girl with a knack for getting into trouble and getting out of it. The first three books are scheduled for publication in Spring 2024, Fall 2024, and Spring 2025. Vicky Fang’s agent Elizabeth Bennett at the Transatlantic Agency negotiated the agreement.

Vicky Fang sells Ava Lin graphic novel series to Candlewick

At Google, Vicky Croc worked as a Staff Interaction Designer responsible for the Kids and Family Assistant and Chief Creative Officer at Disney and Nickelodeon, from 2015 to 2019, after a long career in web design, UX design, interaction design, mobile producer, game designer and developer, as well as founder of Interactive Spaces, working for Ogilvy and GE. His work at Google included creating cars that talk to each other, robots you can build at home, or games you can play with your voice. She started writing coding books for very young children in an effort to meet the growing need for early coding education, especially for girls and minorities. This has led to a number of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) themed children’s picture books such as Invent a pet for the pound sterling and the about to launch Layla and the robots by Scholastic. And then the Friendbots First STEM-inspired graphic novel series about friendship and robots, at HarperAlley.

Her too racked up a few television appearances twenty years ago as an actor in a television series Charmed, Los Angeles Doctors, Diagnosis: Murder as well as recurring character Gwen on Once again. You can find all kinds of stuff on Google, as Vicky Fang must know. Add to that, you can watch her talk about her previous books here.

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