The New Retroactive Graphic Novel Is Looped In Time In The Official Trailer (Exclusive)

The new trailer for Eisner-nominated writer and artist Ibrahim Moustafa’s graphic novel, Retroactive, features a time loop that sci-fi fans will want to see.

A cold war plays out across time in the thrilling new sci-fi graphic novel Retroactive of the writer and artist named Eisner Ibrahim Moustafa. Publisher Humanoids released a trailer that highlights the action, design, and twists included in the story. This is the second of three books Moustafa is publishing with Humanoids.

Ibrahim Moustafa has a deal with Humanoids for three graphic novels. The first one, To counttold the story of The count of Monte Cristo. Retroactive is the next. Moustafa was nominated for an Eisner Award for High Crimes (2013) and Jaeger (2017). He also worked on Godzilla in Hell #4 (2015), James Bond: Solstice (2017), wild things (2017), and Mother Panic: Gotham AD (2018).


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Retroactive has the creative team of Ibrahim Moustafa, Brad Simpson and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. It’s the same creative team that brought readers To countreleased in March 2021. Retroactive is the story of an agent working for the US Bureau of Temporal Affairs, an agency embroiled in a war between world powers to alter the past in their favor. He sets out to discover the source of several anomalies in the timeline – only to find himself trapped in an inescapable time loop. Check out the trailer here:

In RETROACTIVE, the discovery of time travel is unknown to the general public, but a new cold war rages between the world’s intelligence agencies as they attempt to alter historical events in favor of their respective futures. When new information points the US Bureau of Temporal Affairs (BTA) to a hostile anomaly in the past, veteran field agent Tarik Abdelnasser and his new partner, Lucia Olmos, are sent to investigate. They discover a radical adversary using new technology that could unravel everything BTA is fighting to maintain. As Tarik gets closer to the truth, he finds himself trapped in a time loop where an impending terrorist attack and his own death trigger the day to restart. He must keep his sanity intact and find a way to prevent the attack, escape the loop, and return to his own timeline to thwart the destruction of the BTA and everyone in it.

The trailer for Retroactive from Humanoids begins by presenting assassinations (actual and potential) from the past, revisiting a debate many have had about what they would change in the past if given the chance. This frames the larger idea of ​​what would then be impacted in the future. The trailer shows the main character, Tarik Abdelnasser, and some of the challenges he will face, which promise to be explosive. The premise is certainly intriguing, and this graphic novel will add to the discourse on time travel and its effects. The latest graphic novel of Moustafa’s Humanoids, To count, was critically acclaimed and, given that the same team is working on Retroactive with another intriguing premise, this could very well be another success story.

Time travel and changing events are a popular theme in science fiction. He’s appeared fairly regularly in comic books, as well as recently in comic book-related movies and series, such as Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame and Loki. Time travel opens up a plethora of storytelling opportunities, and Retroactive will be the last to explore the implications of the anomalies that arise when time is interfered with. Fans of time travel action stories can check out the latest sci-fi graphic novel from Humanoids, Retroactive, when it comes out in April.

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