The new novel is full of moving suspense among the breathtaking landscapes of the Sierra Nevada mountains

Leave no trace

Tim Mulholland

LEAVE NO TRACE by Tim Mulholland

Although it is a book of the mystery genre, Leave No Trace is a literary hymn to the great outdoors and the mystical and magical joys of hiking.


USA, April 18, 2022 / — Cybertech meets the grandeur of America’s wilderness in the trailside thriller, LEAVES NO TRACE by author, photographer and environmental scientist Tim Mulholland. The writer imbues every page of his cat-and-mouse thrill ride with his deep love and knowledge of our wild places.

Fred is the innocent backpacker accidentally caught in a web of intrigue when he meets Kim, a kidnapped computer security systems analyst who has just fled her captors along the trails of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Outdoor-savvy Fred agrees to help Kim, and the two combine their expertise to find a way out by adopting the backpacker creed: leave no trace.

As the runaway couple go deeper into the wild, we see these vistas through Kim’s eyes and experience with her the magnificence of brilliant sunrises, still lakes, abundant wildlife and the challenges of navigation. in the field. Even as Kim falls in love with the beauty that surrounds her, the stakes rise: can they escape her captors and get help in time? Readers will never see the final twist coming.

“Even though it’s a mystery genre book, Leave No Trace is a literary hymn to the great outdoors and the mystical, magical joys of hiking,” writes

“Mulholland offers a creative blend of rambling and crime…a clever title, plot and conclusion,” says Amazon critic John Jenkins.

Another Amazon reviewer, Vilke, describes the book as “an incredibly detailed High Sierra backpack combined with the mystery of cyberspace security. Loved it!”

LEAVE NO TRACE is available on Amazon and other popular outlets where the books are sold.

TIM MULHOLLAND is a writer, landscape and travel photographer, and environmental scientist living in Fitchburg, WI. He is an active hiker and backpacker with his family and has traversed California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, Wyoming’s Wind River Range, the Southwest Desert and New Zealand. His photographic work can be found on He is also the author of New Zealand: A Traveller’s and Photographer’s Paradise.

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