The Bookseller – Rights – Andersen Press Shares Kalu’s Dystopian Novel in Burgess’ World of Three Balls

Andersen Press tagged Peter Kalu A decreasea dystopian novel for young adults set in the same world as that of Melvin Burgess three balls (Andersen).

Publisher Charlie Sheppard acquired worldwide rights directly from the author. The novel will be published on August 4, 2022 and will be available alongside three balls as part of a set at Andersen’s booth at the Young Adult Literature Convention.

A decrease was written in an “ambitious and unique” partnership with Kalu working alongside Burgess and Tariq Mehmood to create a world set in a possible future Britain ruled by far-right extremists “The Bloods” . The synopsis reads: “In this war-torn Britain A decrease sees inseparable black radicals, Axel and Dune, arrested and placed in a prison camp for those who challenge the Bloods’ white supremacist government. SIMs implanted in their heads brainwash them with the Bloods’ evil philosophy, and drones constantly monitor their movements and thoughts. In this living nightmare, the couple fight to keep their love alive and break free. The chances of survival are long. Dune and Axel have very different views on how to escape. But when things come to a head, will their love hold them together and set them free, or tear them apart?”

Irene B. Bowles