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Westfield’s Trenton Lutes is pictured with his book.

Trenton Lutes has self-published his very first children’s/young adult dystopian sci-fi/fantasy novel titled “In-Spire: Book One of the Terra-Healers” via Amazon last week. By August 12, his novel’s paperback had climbed to the top spot among new releases of its kind, with the Kindle format coming in at third place. In-Spire is currently ranked 34th overall. seller on Amazon in this genre also.

The novel, set in a dystopian future over a century after a Pollution Level event, follows Wolvf, his sister Eren, several of their friends and an unlikely ally as they journey through the Wasteland to the Dome. Terra-Perfect, the last remaining remnant. of humanity. There, the group will meet their fate and face off against the High Empress who rules over Terra-Perfect and her elite as well as Terrapoor and the downtrodden families who barely survive there.

“The Terra-Healers are a group of people who, after the pollution level event, began to develop powers fueled by the very pollution that had destroyed their world”, Actions of lutes. “With their ability to absorb pollution, they were able to clear an area of ​​the Wasteland where they and other survivors could live. They named this refuge, Oasis. Of course, as we all know, nothing lasts forever and that’s where Wolvf and Eren’s story begins.

“The novel itself evolved over time, but at some point it practically started writing itself. It may sound crazy, but the characters came to life in my mind and started to have conversations that I simply jotted down at all hours of the day and night. At one point, a character, whose sole purpose was to advance the plot and then disappear, inscribed himself into the rest of the novel It was surreal.

Lutes said that when he self-published, he had no idea things would happen so quickly. His plan was to simply share the news via social media with his family and friends as well as his patrons on his artist page. Apparently, these families, friends and customers then shared the news, followed by more and more sharing.

“I actually went out Friday morning to order a copy to send to the Library of Congress, which is needed when they issue you a Library of Congress control number. That’s when I saw my book being tagged on Amazon as the #1 new release in the Children’s/Young Adult, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Dystopian genre. I immediately took to social media to thank everyone who ordered a copy. I was blown away!” Lutes Reminders.

Lutes, in addition to being a recently published author, is also a painter, photographer, bonsai enthusiast, avid gardener, and handyman. He currently lives in Westfield with his wife and their dog and cat.

If you would like to order a copy of In-Spire: Book One of The Terra-Healers, you can do so through Amazon at

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