Supriya Parulekar’s novel ‘Hide & Seek’ dwells on the complexities associated with marriage

Dr Ratan Bhattacharjee

hide and seek creates more waves than ripples. A prominent novelist of our times, Supriya Parulekar, makes a great statement about marriage. Supriya correctly shows that love is not enough to keep two people together. It takes adjustments, compromises, resilience, and a whole lot of luck to make a marriage work.

Radhika’s marriage had started with a love affair but she had been fighting all her life and was not ready to give up. hide and seek seems to be beautiful; a fabulous fictional tapestry woven of relationship, trust and compromise, on a canvas inhabited by an array of amazing characters. I had previously had the opportunity to read the works of Supriya Parulekar and I know that she writes with a gold pen. Author of eight books including Into the Woods, BFF: Best Friends Forever, Devilish, The gangster’s muse, the dreamcatcher, One Tequila Two Tequilas and by always adding to the list, she carves out her creative niche so brilliantly that a review or two of her books by critics cannot improve her reputation much.

It was a long journey of imagination, the creation of the world that only existed in the remotest corners of his mind, a desire to tell a story and turn it into a book. She wrote: “Many times people around me inspire me to write a story, I’m more of a person who prefers to write fast and fast thrillers and adventures, but with ‘Dream Catcher’ I experienced the romance as a genre and a sensation. it’s really my forte.

But in this book hide and seek she walks the path of reality and observes more carefully and more critically what happens in love marriage and explores the disillusion after illusion that Keats faced in ‘Ode to a Nightingale’, the realization of reality after the romantic stay in the romantic world of the nightingale. Supriya worked as a screenwriter for TV18 History Channel and partnered with Xena World and wrote for Yuva magazine for young people.

The thought-provoking novel hide and seek – the latest offering from talented Mumbai-based author Supriya Parulekar is surely, like her previous five books, a thrilling read about a stormy relationship presented from the perspective of each character.

The story tells through Abhishek and Radhika’s married life where everything was going well between them until Radhika discovers these flirtatious texts on Abhishek’s mobile. Their relationship takes a different turn, and the pain, indescribable agony, and challenges between their relationships are captured perfectly.

Most of the incidents also occur in the lives of many individuals, which makes the book interesting to read. This book overlaps but never haunts us. It thrills but never goes awry or weird. One can only love Radhika because reading Jane Austen one can only love Elizabeth Bennet and how she tried to find balance in life while struggling between her relationship, friendship and family. This is what fascinated me from the first to the last page of the book.

Both characters are depicted as what EM Forster called “Round Character” as they are studied from multiple perspectives of life. The novel ends with these lines: “Not all love stories have a happy ending. Some love stories are meant to be rewritten and relived” and they make the novel insightful and deep.

Life is an unplanned role-playing game and life seems like a stage where action-packed thriller-like events happen. We can go with the current or against it at any time. Unlike Macbeth’s inability to go back due to the heaviness of painfully moving forward or backward, here it is difficult to go back.

Is there a possible retreat, a way to fix or readjust things or is it all just over – all part of our thoughts after reading the novel in one sitting of the first on the last page. It’s a showdown in thinking and deciding on the right course of action.

This could be anyone’s life story. While Jane Austen wrote on the subject of money and marriage, Supriya writes on the subject of marriage and love. The general impression is that it is excellent writing and hide and seek is that kind of book that has come to stay in the world of fiction for a long time. The one that makes you feel the reality around you. Readers unknowingly have vicarious experiences that affect emotional catharsis. Readers will be stunned by the little twists they find in the plot at regular intervals.

Supriya Parulekar whom I came to know as a poet for her book of poems Malhar Essence of Life, has wonderfully turned to prose fiction with her extraordinary creative background. She is a writer based in Mumbai but she writes with a global consciousness and her life experiences have a rainbow hue.

We expect her to move on with her creative ecstasy and the woods are beautiful and dark. She will go forward for more and more laurels and love having miles to go as readers are ready to give her their loving company as a favorite writer when the name is Supriya Parulekar.

Moreover, she artistically arranges them and presents them in a fictionally orchestrated form to readers in her books she has written so far. Any reader will feel intensely enraptured in this Alice’s Wonderland of Brilliant Books by Supriya Parulekar. For hide and seek‘, she did her job wonderfully and I bet you can’t stop reading in one go because of the magnetic ink of her magic pen.

Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee is an eminent writer and a seasoned academic. He can be contacted at

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