Supernatural thriller joins Tucson Festival of Books

Bertha Mae’s Ghost by Carolyn Virginia Parnell

Bertha Mae’s Ghost by Carolyn Virginia Parnell

“It was her dead mother, Bertha Mae. She began to choke at the sight of those horrible red eyes, the stench, and the loose, clinging skin on what was once her face.

—Carolyn Virginia Parnell

TUCSON, ARIZONA, USA, Feb. 28, 2022 / — The Ghost of Bertha Mae by Carolyn Virginia Parnell is a supernatural thriller that revolves around Yvette Hardin as she endures the many forms of abuse from his mother at home and beyond the grave. Parnell’s work is part of the Bookmarc Alliance catalog of books that will be showcased at the upcoming Tucson Festival of Books scheduled for March 12-13 on the beautiful University of Arizona campus.

The titular Bertha Mae, a woman struggling with an undetected narcissistic disorder, is the mother of Yvette Hardin. Bertha Mae was the product of a loving religious family; a house that resented her, prompting her to leave her parents on her graduation day. She then met a man who would become the father of her first two children, one of whom was Yvette Marie – her birth name, but Bertha called her Rose Marie rather than her first name by her father. Why?

Bertha Mae’s health begins to decline a year before Yvette’s graduation. She pretends to change and become a better mother. Yvette is suspicious. Bertha Mae dies days after Rose Marie’s graduation, devastating her. Did Bertha Mae change after her death? If so, how exactly? For anyone interested in finding out what goes on inside Parnell’s complex characters, readers can purchase their copy of the engrossing novel from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online booksellers.

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