Stephen King announces Rattlesnakes, the sequel to the 1981 Cujo novel

Cujo the dog, covered in blood, in the 1983 film of the same name.

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Stephen King has been successful for a long time, but the last five or six years especially have been very good for the prolific author. It had several top-tier bestsellers becoming big budget adaptations for television and cinema of his most popular works, not to mention the many books he still manages to publish frequently. If you’ve found yourself thinking you need a new king to read, you might be pleased to hear that he’s working on a new short story.

Bloody Disgusting Losers Club Podcast has King as a guest for this week’s episodewhere the author revealed he was working on a sequel to his psychological horror novel, Cujo. While he didn’t reveal much about the novella, let alone how it related to its apparent predecessor, he revealed his title as Rattlesnakes. described it as “a long story”. Just to give a little preview of what was to come in the tale, he described it as “one long story” and gave a description of one of its scenes. “It is, at some point, twins who are only four fall into a rattlesnake pit,” he said. “The snakes catch them. It’s a terrible scene. Not too surprising to hear that, since putting children at risk is just a King thing.

Cujo released in 1981, telling the story of the titular St. Bernard who turned into pure evil after contracting rabies from rat bites. The dog spends the rest of the book terrorizing her family, the Trentons, who are in the midst of a divorce, and eventually attracts the attention of her former owners, the Cambers. The book was well received at the time, although criticized for its rather dark ending. When it was adapted into a cult classic in 1983 starring Dee Wallace and Danny Pintauro, the ending was changed to be less depressing. A remake of the film was announced in 2015, but nothing has come of it since.

Currently, Rattlesnakes does not have a publish window. But King’s next work, the dark fantasy novel Fairy tale, will be released on September 6.

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