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Abigail Cowen stars in “Redeeming Love.”

It’s the story of love and perseverance during the California Gold Rush, as a young couple navigates the harsh realities of the times.

We don’t want to say too much, because it looks miserable.

Cowen plays Angel in the film based on Francine Rivers’ novel.

Abigail Cowen: “I read the script and I was like, ‘This, I have to play this. I have to play this woman. I also feel a huge responsibility in the story. ‘Angel and all the hardships she’s been through.

Nina Dobrev: “It was such a beautiful story, which is so important, and you know, difficult at times, but through the difficulties we learned a lot of lessons, and my character most certainly had a lot of love and a love unconditional for his daughter.”

Eric Dane: “I can play this role that is, you know, uh, as sneaky and twisted and just plain off-putting as it gets.”

Famke Janssen: “We shot it in South Africa, and they had to build a city. Whereas, you know, some of the other parts that I’ve played, like, or in the ‘X-Men’ franchise or one of those where you literally have nothing to play other than a green screen to give as much as an actor where you have everything around. You have nothing to imagine. You are there. You live it.

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