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This place of wonder” tells the story of four women bound by their love for one man – Augustus Beauvais, a famous chef with a famous reputation and a legacy of grand intentions and gruesome decisions who died suddenly in his restaurant kitchen.

Each page of the book is filled with atmosphere, emotion, characters to care about, family drama and a few surprises. as the characters struggle to find their place in a world that is very new to them. Maya, Nora, Meadow and Rory are the women in the life of Augustus Beauvais who to have to OK with both his loss and their individual personal problems.

Maya, Augustus’ biological daughter who was estranged from her father at the time of his death, recently completed an alcohol addiction rehabilitation program and is ready to get her life back on track. She inherited Augustus’ Spanish-style mansion in Santa Barbara, as well as his restaurant.

Boston native Norah spent the last nine months of Augustus’ life with him as his girlfriend, charmed by the intense man 30 years her senior. The result of a difficult upbringing, she will have to use all her ingenuity to recover from his death, find the courage to examine what led her to turn her life upside down for him, and chart a course for her future.

Augustus’ ex-wife Meadow is a powerhouse within organic farming food movement. She was still his business partner, despite their divorce after 20 years of marriage ten years ago because of his infidelities. The couple raised his daughter, Rory, and his Maya girl. She mourns deeply the loss of the man who was the love of her life; youheirs was a love lost but never forgotten.

Like his mother, Augustus’ stepdaughter Rory mourns Augustus. She is a source of calm and peace for her half-sister of the same age, Maya, the voice of reason for her mother, Meadow, and a support system for these two women in her family.

Each of these women who love – or have loved – Auguste is asking the same question: “Who am I without him? – and share a common need to come to terms with their lives.

Journey through the changing world of these women as they move on without the man who was an integral part of their lives. Encourage them as they strive to follow personal tragedy with personal triumph.

Author inspiration, hoped-for takeaways, and interesting characters

Asked about writing inspiration and what inspired this book O’Neal says, “I always say that all my work is to be interested in everything, and all my curiosities and collections of random facts and the adoration of certain places and things and houses all go in a basket until I’m ready to write a new book. Then I put my hand in it, pulled things out of it – oh, look at that recovering woman! This 1930s Art Deco home on California’s rugged coast! I always write about relationships between women, how we rise and sometimes we step on the throat, and This is true in “This place of wonder.

Regarding the book, its subject matter and its conflicting characters, O’Neal shared his hopes that “This place of wonder” reads “… to escape, first, but I also hope they can see that grief, trauma and change are part of our lives. We all go through these things. Fortunately, they pass and we come to the other side, to happiness and possibility. It is our friends and family who help us see the wonder in our lives again.

Speaking of the strong personalities of the characters in “This place of wonder,O’Neal singled out the posthumous protagonist as the most interesting to write.

“A tall, lively character like Augustus has been on my mind for a long time, a man who makes his own rules and walks around the world as if it were his own, doing exactly what he wants and letting both love and damage his wake,” she says. “As a child of the 70s, I experienced many iterations of this kind of man, and writing Augustus gave me the opportunity to explore my feelings at He is one of my favorite characters of all time and will probably be very polarizing.

A writer’s writer

This place of wonder“has elicited rave reviews from other authors:

“Dealing with loss, love, hidden secrets and second chances, this moving tale is thoroughly engaging and ultimately hopeful. ‘This Place of Wonder’ will sweep you away with the intoxicating scents, bold flavors and the panoramic views of the region and will transport you to a world that you will not be be in a hurry to leave.
– Colleen Hoover, New York Times #1 bestselling author

“Barbara O’Neal’s latest novel is simply delightful. Captivating, empathetic and deeply moving. I savored every sentence of this story of several very different women who find comfort and a second chance with each other after tragedy… “This Place of Wonder” is one of the best books I have I have read for a long time.
– Camille Pagan, best-selling author of “Everything Must Go”

“I’ve never moved much in the high circles of California farm-to-table cuisine, but O’Neal makes me feel like I’m there. Rather than just skewering with pretensions, “This Place of Wonder” puts the finger on the passions. Some of these characters have been elevated to stardom, some are newcomers to the scene, but all are drawn to the sexiness, excitement, and ultimately the nurturing that food brings to them. Elegiac but also forward-looking, it’s a book about food, but more than that, it’s a book about pain and healing and about women coming together. I loved every moment. »
– Julie Powell, author of “Julia & Julia” and “Cleaving”

About Barbara O’Neal

Best-selling author Barbara O’Neal has written more than a dozen novels of female fiction, which have been published in nearly two dozen countries; titles that contain “When we believed in mermaidswhich spent many months on the Amazon charts, as well as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Washington Post bestseller lists, as well as “Write my name in the sky,” “The loss Girls of Devon,” “The art of inheriting secrets,” and “How to cook a perfect life.” She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado with her husband.

This place of wonder” is available through AmazonBarnes & Noble, Target, Indiebound and Books-A-Million.

Best-selling author Barbara O’Neal

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