Play based on SL Bhyrappa’s famous novel


Play based on SL Bhyrappa’s famous novel

A scene from Vamshavruksha.

Vatikuteera will stage “Vamshavruksha”, a Kannada language play based on a popular novel by SL Bhyrappa, on August 21.

With a cast of 15 actors, it airs for the first time since the pandemic hit. The piece is about a widow who lives with her in-laws and is a commentary on patriarchy, says Kiran Vati, the group’s founder. “The novel is vast and deep. The play tries to express the heart of the novel in two hours and 15 minutes,” he adds.

The stage adaptation is by Shripathi Manjanbail and Abhiruchi Chandru is the director. Its film version, featuring the pillars of Kannada literature, is considered a classic.

* August 21, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., Viveka Auditorium, Jayanagar. Tickets on and on site.

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