Pitt County School Board Approves Policy to Notify Parents of New Play Sets

PITT COUNTY, NC (WITN) — The Pitt County School Board held a special meeting Monday regarding some books that some parents have said are inappropriate.

One book in question is titled All American Boys; some parents resent their children reading the book because it contains profanity and themes that they believe are unsuitable for middle schoolers.

Some of these themes include suicide, pedophilia, rape, and drug use.

On Monday night, members of the Pitt County School Board presented their criteria for selecting their library and classroom books.

Mason Paramore, an eighth grade student from Ayden Middle School, attended the meeting and explained why he disapproved of reading the book in class.

“I know things like this are happening around the world,” Paramore said. “It’s not something I want to read. I don’t want to read about a little girl being raped and all the different things that are in those books.

After a closed meeting, the board voted to remove All American Boys, but a majority of members voted against.

Minutes later, the board approved a superseding motion that would strengthen procedures and policies for notifying parents of new sets read in class.

James Tripp, chairman of the board, hopes the motion will prevent setbacks in the future.

Tripp says the policy is effective immediately and parents will be notified of books read in class via a letter home.

all american boy is not available to students attending Ayden Middle School, but is still in use at other Pitt County schools.

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Irene B. Bowles