One Peace Books Announces Death Mage Light Novel and Manga License

One Peace Books announced today that it has acquired the license to The Death Mage (Japanese title: The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time) light novel and manga!

The light novel is slated for release on September 27. The manga does not yet have a release date but is slated for release in 2023.

This highly anticipated series features high school student Hiroto Amemiya who is reborn as Vandal the Dhampir after suffering horrific and unimaginable misfortune during his first two lives on Earth and in the sci-fi world of Origin. Determined to make the most of his third life and his enormous reserve of magical power, Vandal learns the magic of the previously unknown attribute of death – but will that be enough to be able to live happily with his new mother, who gives him the only love he has ever known?

One Peace Books Official Synopsis The Mage of Death is as follows:

After Hiroto Amamiya dies on a school trip, the god of reincarnation, Rodocolte, sends the unfortunate student to a second life. There he obtains the magic of the attribute of death, but after more than a decade of torment, his second life also ends in tragedy, after which Rodocolte reincarnates Hiroto once again for a third life – yet another. times without any special powers. Swearing adamantly that there will definitely be no fourth time, Hiroto uses his vast reserves of magical power and the special death attribute magic from his previous life to live as a dhampir called Vandal.

Source: press release

Irene B. Bowles