Novel tells Fiji’s story with a satirical twist – FBC News

Doctor Anurag Subramani.

A passion for reading comics and creative writing inspired a Fiji-based writer to write a novel with a satirical twist.

University of the South Pacific history professor Dr. Anurag Subramani launched his new novel, ‘Dakuwaku’, at the USP Oceania Center in Suva last night.

Dr. Subramani says that “Dakuwaku” is a true account of the history, peculiar customs and strange rituals of the people of Dakuwaku.

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Subramani is passionate about comics and had plans to write a novel on French culture. However, his father advised him to try writing a satirical play about Fiji and its people.

“In any type of satirical work, you don’t talk about people, places and events, but everything is thinly veiled. Sometimes you do this to offend people, but as people read it, they’ll soon start seeing familiar features, events, and places.

He adds that Dakuwaku is a satire of Fiji’s history as it includes the rise of Christianity and ends with indentured labourers. However, the names and places in the satire are all disguised.

He adds that it took him years to compile this piece because he wanted to write history in a new way.

Each copy cost $60, and 200 copies of the novel had been published in Hawaii, of which 100 copies were sold.

Irene B. Bowles