NEWSPORT DAILY – Author of acclaimed novel ‘The Suspect’ visits town

A great storyteller

Whileaway owner Devra King told Newsport there was a large turnout from serious Robotham fans and curious readers, around 45 people attended.

“Everyone loved it. Michael is a very good storyteller, a very experienced and entertaining speaker and fantastic at answering questions,” she said.

“He talked about his latest book, his career as a crime reporter here and in the UK and how he got into crime fiction. We then had a very lively Q&A session and ended with Michael signing his books.

“I’m personally a big fan of his books, especially this latest book. This is the third book in a series. The main characters are incredibly interesting and the plot is very believable. I highly recommend his award-winning books to anyone who loves smart, entertaining thrillers.

Busy schedule

It turned out that the writer himself had also had a great day when he asked Ms King to keep in touch with his publisher’s press contacts, as he had had a great time.

“He was very impressed with the turnout and would love to do another event the next time he’s in the area, which he loves,” Ms King said.

Book lovers can indulge over the next few weeks with several other authors visiting for book signings.

“On Saturday August 20, we will welcome Steve Hile, author of Young Griffo, a biography of a young Australian street fighter who became a world featherweight boxing champion from 1890 to 1892.

“Next we have children’s author Charlie Archbold coming to sign his new book ‘The Sugarcane Kids’, set in Far North Queensland on Sunday August 28. Full details will be forthcoming.

Irene B. Bowles