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‘The Withering’, published by an independent faith-based publisher, will be released on July 26

TEMPLETON – Local author, husband and father Patrick Patton, who writes under the pen name PS Patton, fell in love with literature as a young man. He not only read, but also illustrated and wrote his own superhero comics while delving into classic novels by authors such as John Steinbeck, Charles Dickens and Herman Melville. On Tuesday, July 26, her first young adult novel, “The Withering,” hits shelves.

Although Patton started writing “The Withering” in 2009, it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic hit that he realized what he was working on could be a novel. After a false start interviewing agents with his first draft and reworking his entire book, Patton joined a Twitter pitch party called #FaithPitch in 2020. Three publishers expressed interest in his young adult manuscript based on his tweet-sized pitch, and in the end, he signed with independent Christian publisher Ambassador International.

“I didn’t really intend it to be a Christian book, but it’s part of my life,” Patton said. “This is who I am, and you write what you know.”


“The Withering” is the story of three teenagers who come to terms with the end of their world, Noloro, and what happens when a sardonic traveling magician offers them a way out. Although the book contains science fiction and fantasy elements, it is centered around family, faith, and courage.

“It deals heavily with themes of flesh versus spirit, natural life versus eternal life, and physical death versus spiritual death,” Patton said. “It’s quite Christ-centered. He is at the heart.

Patton went on to say that he set out to tell a good story and included his faith in the narrative, but didn’t want it to sound preachy.

“I tried to write a story that is entertaining and can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of religion,” he added.

He also said he doesn’t always write faith-based books, and has several other projects in the works, from epic fantasies to humorous young adult stories.

“I started this story coming out, ‘The Withering,’ in 2009,” Patton said. “It’s funny because the things I’m working on now are so different from this story.”

You can pre-order “The Withering” on Amazon Where Barnes & Nobles.

Ten percent of all proceeds from ‘The Withering’ will go to local organization Loaves and Fishes, a ministry of churches working together and with businesses to help feed local families in need.

Irene B. Bowles