Kelcey Dolphin, 12, gives an author talk on the first novel Pack: The Adventure Begins

Kelcey Dolphin has always loved writing stories, so it was only a matter of time before she became a self-published author.

Hailing from Naracoorte in regional South Australia, 12-year-old Kelcey presents his first author conference for his debut novel Pack: The Adventure Begins.

“I was 10 when I wrote it and 11 when we started publishing it,” she said.

“It’s about a pack of dogs and the adventures they have together, all the challenges they face and how they overcome them together.”

Kelcey said the series was inspired by her own dogs, Kenny and Jade.

“Kenny looks a lot like the main character, Storm, and he’s actually on the cover of the book,” she said.

Kelcey presented his first author talk at the Naracoorte Library this month.(Provided: Kelcey Dolphin)

Other books on the way

Kelcey gave his first author talk at the Naracoorte Library during the winter school break and there may be more to come.

“We just started publishing the second book, but all six books have already been written,” she said.

“One only took me two weeks when we were on vacation,” she said.

“[But] some took me three or four months, because I kept quitting and writing other stuff.

“I always did a lot of writing and creating books in school.

“One of the first books I wrote was on reception and I still write books in school.

Small novels stacked on a white table.
The first in Kelcey’s six-book series.(Provided: Kelcey Dolphin)

The first novel is aimed at children and young adolescents and has 56 pages.

Kelcey said it was a journey of figuring out how to turn her stories into published novels.

“We weren’t really sure, because obviously we don’t have any editing experience,” she said.

“So we just did a [online] research and we learned the differences between publishing and self-publishing.”

A smiling young girl holding a poster that says "Naracoorte Library".
Kelcey says she loves writing and wants to continue.(Provided: Kelcey Dolphin)

After that, Kelcey didn’t have to wait long to have the final result in his hands.

“It was really exciting but really overwhelming at the same time,” she said.

“I kind of watched it for a while.

“When I get older, I want to keep being an author and keep writing books.

Irene B. Bowles