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LOCAL journalist Tendai Mutema is about to officially launch her first novel, From inside of mewhich explores toxic family relationships and how they can weigh on someone well into adulthood.

Mutema, who once worked for the deceased sunday mirror and the Zimbabwe Media Commission, said NewsDay Life & Style that as an author, she saw her role as one of amplifying the pain that people often experience in society.

She said having her novel published by Royalty Books was a longtime dream come true.

“I wanted to be a novelist before becoming a journalist. The gift of writing and telling stories seems innate to me… When I was 15, I was constantly telling my family that I was definitely going to write books,” she said.

“Somewhere along the line I forgot or rather convinced myself that it was unachievable, but I realized that ultimately those dreams just don’t die.”

Mutema confessed that it took a lot of discipline for her to finally complete the manuscript which she said would take the reader on an “emotional roller coaster”.

The writing process required diligence, drive and a clear purpose and she often had to put herself in the shoes of her characters and her readers as she tackled a wide range of themes including power.

In the book, childhood trauma is discussed at length and mostly revealed through the eyes of (protagonist) Rutendo.

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Irene B. Bowles