Glitch in Time Graphic Novel Announcement

Cover of the graphic novel Danny Phantom: A Glitch in Time.

Image: Gabriela Epstein/Abrams Kids/Nickelodeon

A lot of times when you talk about Nickelodeon, the conversation tends to be about its many live-action comedies like iCarly Where Big time Rush, or his animated adventures like Avatar Where Spongebob. A show that is talked about a lot but not all the time is Dany Phantom. was concurrent with creator Butch Hartman’s other show, Fairly Odd Parents, was in his prime, and while he’s fondly remembered (and continues to have just one killer theme song), it’s arguably in the B tier of Nick’s shows next to My life as a teenage robot and The Zim invader.

Surprisingly, the show has a chance to get a second life via an upcoming graphic novel, A glitch in time. Drawn and written by Gabriela Epstein (Babysitters Club, Invisible), the graphic novel sees Danny and his friends Tucker and Sam on a road trip through time and space to imprison Dark Danny, an evil version of Danny from the season two episode “Ultimate Enemy”. It’s a plot point that the show itself never touched on, but as Glitch in time takes place after the show’s series finale, there’s plenty of room to play.

If you haven’t watched Dany Phantom, Here’s the gist: When he was just 14, Danny Fenton gained phantom superpowers by blasting himself through the phantom portal in his parents’ lab. It was basically the Spider-Man encounter ghost hunters, with Danny and his friends fighting a new ghost every week, and sometimes Danny would get a new power. The show ran for three seasons, and in its heyday Danny either starred in his own video game or starred in games featuring Nickelodeon characters.

It’s unclear to what extent Hartman is involved in the graphic novel: In recent years, he’s been accused of plagiarize art for commissions, as well as tricking those who donated to his Kickstarter campaign for his then-streaming service, Oaxis. Touted as a Christian and “family” alternative to other streaming services, backers were looked down upon, with Hartman not mentioning this aspect of Oaxis in the description. He is currently a producer of Paramount’s live action Enough Oddparents.

“Danny Phantom” Theme Song (HQ) | Opening credits of the episode | Nick Animation

Is a Danny Phantom back on the horizon? It’s unclear right now, but given that Nickelodeon is on track to start Avatar shows and movies again, and the above iCarly recently had its revival series renewed for a third season, that wouldn’t be out of the question.

Danny Phantom: A glitch in time will be released on July 18, 2023.

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