Fort Hood Novel “People First Center” Officially Opens – Fort Hood Press Center

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III Armored Corps Deputy Commander Support (UK), Maj. Gen. Michael Keating, cuts the ribbon during the People First Center dedication ceremony, officially opening the center’s doors May 13, 2022 at Fort Hood. Killeen Mayor Debbie Nash King (right) and Capt. Rosa Meeks, the commander of III Corps and Fort Hood People First Center (left) were just a few of the many attending the event. The People First Center is a combined training center for units, which focuses on sexual harassment/assault response and prevention, suicide prevention, domestic violence prevention, and substance abuse prevention, among others. important topics. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sergeant Desmond Cassell).

FORT HOODTexas – The III Armored Corps and People First Center at Fort Hood officially opened in a ribbon-cutting ceremony amid leaders, soldiers and community members gathered here May 13.

The centre, which has lasted for months, is a “leadership laboratory” according to the centre’s promoters, and is designed to reinforce the elements of a healthy organizational culture.

“What’s unique about the People First Center is that it’s Fort Hood’s one-stop-shop where we provide integrated services that examine all aspects of what it means to be a person and a human being,” said British Major General Michael. Keating, III Armored Corps Deputy Commanding General Support. “I think that’s what’s unique rather than spread across a facility as large as Fort Hood.”

Keating, who presided over the ceremony, was joined by soldiers and leaders from across Central Texas as he picked up a pair of oversized scissors to cut the ceremonial ribbon, signifying the official opening of the center.

The People First Center’s forward-looking approach to developing leaders and soldiers is to prevent harmful behaviors before they occur. Experts in the fields of family advocacy, sexual harassment and assault prevention, equal opportunity, resilience, substance abuse, suicide and spiritual preparation are all housed at the center with immersive training.

“What sets Fort Hood People First Center apart from existing programs is its innovative development model that emphasizes prevention through the provision of immersive, scenario-based development experiences,” said Col. Chad Foster, Fort Hood Garrison Commander, in an op-ed discussing the center’s new approach to developing leaders and soldiers.

sergeant. First Class Amanda Hoover, the center’s deputy commander, said of the center’s humble beginnings months ago, that she wanted people to look at the center and think about how leaders can innovate. She said she wanted leaders to look at the center and think ‘this is how we change the future’.

Helping bring the future to the present is Senior Member Sgt. Tira Peaches of the 89th Military Police Brigade. She said she is dedicated to the soldiers who go through the training.

“If you need any help, I’ll take you and we won’t leave the building until we figure out how to fix the problems,” Peaches said.

Training at the center consists of small teams of soldiers going through three days of training. The first two days involve interactive scenarios with participant-led discussions. The third day focuses on emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication skills. The goal at the end of the training is for formations to be educated on reducing harmful behavior in their organizations, Deputy Commander Hoover said.

To date, approximately 1,300 soldiers and facility leaders have completed the course during the center’s initial operating period.

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Irene B. Bowles