Delta author excited about novel release

Renowned Tsawwassen author Janice Lynn Mather is thrilled to release her debut album for adults titled uncertain parent on April 26 with Doubleday Canada.

An acclaimed young adult author, his previous books include learn to breathefinalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award and Facing the sunwhich won the Amy Mathers Teen Book Award.

Originally from the Bahamas, Mather has lived in Tsawwassen since 2011.

uncertain parent is described as a luminous collection of related stories about the lives of women and girls in the Bahamas and British Columbia. These 18 beautiful and haunting stories introduce readers to women and girls searching for identity and belonging during times of profound upheaval.

In mango summerlittle girls begin to disappear from their beds during a scorching and lush August.

In morning batha jogger, newly diagnosed with cancer, makes a grim discovery on the beach.

In boyoa woman new to Vancouver struggles to put down roots in a city that doesn’t seem to want her or her young son.

“Some of the short stories tie into each other, so over the course of the book readers might see a character as a young girl, then they might see her as an older woman, maybe a grandmother, so the stories are somewhat interconnected,” Mather said. “I think it was really a fluke as to which books came out first, because I’ve been writing in different genres for a while now. I think maybe learn to breathe was the one I felt really ready and it was easy to find a publisher for a complete novel for, at the time, an unpublished author. Now that I have that under my belt, it’s been a little easier to find a home for the news.

Mather says she is working on a third teen novel, which will likely be released in 2023, and is also working on another adult novel to be published by Doubleday.

“I’m really excited about going out uncertain parent because news is my first love,” she adds. “I like this smaller, tighter structure that you have with a short story, where you go in and spend some time with the characters and when that time is done, it’s done. With short stories, there’s a number of different opportunities for readers to tune in, so I’m excited to see what readers think about it.

Irene B. Bowles