DEE SNIDER has landed a book deal for her debut novel Frats

twisted sister singer and heavy metal icon Dee Snider announced on Twitter this week that he had secured a publishing deal for his debut novel, Fraternity.

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“I just made a deal to publish my first fiction novel ‘Frats’. More details to come as I know them…” Sniper tweeted on June 13.

The book will be Sniperfirst work of fiction by , after having already written two other books: Dee Snider’s Teen Survival Guide: How to Become a Lunchtime Legendwhich was originally published in 1987 but was updated and re-released in 2019, and a Sniperthe official autobiography of, Shut up and give me the micwhich was released by a division of Simon & Schuster in 2012.

In a tweet posted in 2020, Sniper describe Fraternity as a coming-of-age story set on Long Island in the early 70s, and was inspired by a real event, although Sniper hastened to point out that Fraternity is in no way based on his own life.

2022 has proven to be a busy year for sniper, who apart Fraternitywill direct the horror movie The enemy of my enemy, which he also wrote. Last month, he tweeted, “You mean a major distraction? My next horror movie (which I’ve written and directed) is green lit and begins pre-production in 4 weeks! In between, I have 3 weeks pre-planned vacation (two years ago before covid, canceled twice). When I get home, I leave the next day! Yes/yuck!”

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Sniper on the big screen, not since the cult classic foreign land in 1998. Sniper starred in this film and also wrote the story. In a recent interview, Sniper declared that he The enemy of my enemy is in development with the same team that produced the Halloween movies, Malek Akkadand that principal photography would be underway this year.

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