Daher brings young adult novel to book club

The Free Press Book Club, in conjunction with McNally Robinson Booksellers, will welcome Winnipeg author Anita Daher to this month’s virtual book club meeting on Monday, April 25 at 7 p.m. to read and discuss her novel, You don’t have to die in the end.

Published in 2020 by Great Plains, Daher’s latest young adult novel focuses on Eugenie (Genie), a 16-year-old girl who is sent to a youth correctional ranch in northern British Columbia after seriously assaulted a teenage girl (the most recent in a list of offences). As Genie finds her feet at the ranch, working a strict schedule of daily chores and attending group therapy with others in a similar situation, she begins to come to terms with some of her past traumas, including the death of his father by suicide, his mother leaving and complicated relations with his two brothers. The tools she learns on the ranch are immediately tested when a series of unexpected events push her back into old patterns. Genie must decide if the change is not only possible to achieve, but also what she really desires.

<p>Photo by Brian Stefaniuk</p>
<p>AuthorAnita Daher</p>
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<p>Photo by Brian Stefaniuk</p>
<p>AuthorAnita Daher</p>
<p>While many serious themes are woven throughout this story, Daher’s careful writing makes the very adult subjects approachable and relatable for young readers.  Despite her flaws, or perhaps because of them, Genie is a wonderfully likeable character and so easy to root for as she goes through a particularly difficult time in her young life.			</p>
<p>In his 2020 review of<em> You don’t have to die in the end </em>for the<em> free press,</em> Writer Helen Norrie said: “Daher paints a vivid and compelling picture here of a young person with a complicated and tragic history trying to straighten out her life. The strongest passages here are when she is living in the correctional camp. ( R) eders 14 and up will find this an engaging read.”			</p>
<p><em>You don’t have to die in the end</em> was nominated for the 2021 Forest of Reading White Pine Award and was shortlisted for the 2021 McNally Robinson Book for Young People Award.			</p>
<p>Daher will join <em>Free press</em> writer Jill Wilson and Josef Estabrook of McNally Robinson for a virtual book club meeting on April 25 where she will read from<em> You don’t have to die in the end</em>, discuss the themes of the book and answer questions from viewers/readers.  Copies of the book are available for purchase from McNally Robinson;  there is no charge to join the book club and virtual discussion.			</p>
<p>To join the Free Press Book Club and for more information on current and future book picks, visit wfp.to/bookclub.			</p>
<p>bookclub@winnipegfreepress.com			</p>
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<p>You don’t have to die in the end</p>
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<p>You don’t have to die in the end</p>
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