Corpse de Ballet, Megan Kearney’s new YA graphic novel for 2024


Corps de ballet is Megan KerneyYA’s new graphic novel about two students at a private ballet academy who investigate the disappearance of another dancer, who they believe has been murdered, while being haunted by an unseen force.

Corpse de Ballet, Megan Kearney’s new YA graphic novel for 2024

Megan Kearney is a Toronto-based cartoonist with a background in animation. She works as a writer, illustrator and educator, and counts television studios such as Temple Hill Productions and Sinking Ship Entertainment among her clients. In addition to her award-winning original works, she has contributed to licensed properties with Scholastic, Disney and many others, including BThe beauty and the Beast and the disney princess series. His most recent title, Swan Lake: Quest of Kingdoms was published by HarperCollins.

Corpse de Ballet, Megan Kearney's new YA graphic novel for 2024
Corpse de Ballet, Megan Kearney’s new YA graphic novel for 2024

Calista Brill at First Second bought Corps de ballet for publication in 2024, with Kiara Valdez editing. Megan Kearney’s Agent Suzanne Graham at Einstein Literary Management brokered the deal for worldwide rights.

First Second Books is an American graphic novel publisher based in New York and an imprint of Roaring Brook Press, part of Holtzbrinck Publishers, distributed by Macmillan, with an editorial and creative director. Marc Siegel and editorial director Calista Brill. Einstein Literary Management is an independent, full-service literary agency representing a wide range of literary and business fiction, as well as books for children and young adults. They also manage some non-fiction, including cookbooks, memoirs, and stories.

The expansion of graphic novels for young readers is fueling all sorts of publishers expanding into the comic book medium. Right now, it looks like an endless market that’s being tapped into and creating long-time comic book readers for decades to come. It’s not for nothing that children’s graphic novels in bookstores are called the newsstand of the 21st century, and the medium’s future readers are being shaped and created right here, right now.

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