Conwy veteran to celebrate first novel release with Llandudno book signing

A Conwy-based ARMY veteran is due to publish his first novel next month.

Charles Cordell will release “God’s Vindictive Wrath”, published by Myrmidon, on Tuesday, July 12.

He will then sign copies of the book at Waterstones, Llandudno on Saturday July 16, where he will be joined by re-enactors from the Sir John Owens Regiment of Foote dressed and equipped as soldiers from the British Civil Wars.

“God’s Vindictive Wrath” is a story set during the early weeks of the English Civil War, reflecting the kind of tribalism, “culture warfare” and extremism that is not uncommon today.


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He has already received praise from literary, military and living history experts, including best-selling historical fiction writers Ben Kane and Michael Arnold, Lt. Gen. Richard Nugee and Jeremy Ravenshaw Fowler, Adjutant General of the Sealed Knot Society.

Charles served as a career soldier and field diplomat in the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa.

His novel is inspired both by the time spent on the margins of civilization and by studies of the great political and religious crises of 17th century Europe.

He said: “This story is not based on a single hero. He does not take sides. His voices, ordinary men and women, clash in the chaos of a Britain at civil war.

“Difficulties, inequalities, injustices mark each character.

“Everyone is confronted with the brutal reality and human emotions of war, the bloodiest in British history – a war fought in our towns, villages and fields, a war that forged the United Kingdom and many political divisions that persist today.

The re-enactors of the Sir John Owens Regiment of Foote joining Charles at his book signing are members of the Sealed Knot – the largest living history organization in Europe – dedicated to recreating battles from the British Civil Wars.

Charles has also pledged that 2% of all royalties from the sale of “God’s Vindictive” Wrath will be donated to Armed Forces charities.

This will include the Royal British Legion Industries program for homeless veterans, a cause close to his heart.

In March, Charles raised over £1,000 for homeless veterans by taking part in the ‘Great Tommy Sleep Out’ with fellow veteran Marcus Williams (ex-Royal Welsh).

This month-long UK-wide fundraising challenge involved participants braving the cold overnight to support the approximately 6,000 military veterans living on the streets in the UK.

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