Chronicles of Refugia Visual Novel Coming to Steam in August

YOX-Project today released the Steam store page for Dreams of the Immortal Romanesque: Chronicles of Refugia, which is developer Medium’s first visual novel title. The release date is August 27, 2022, and the game is expected to support English and Japanese.

The text-based adventure Chronicles of Refugia depicts the mysterious relationship between humans and non-human species in a future Asia, where many major cities have been submerged by rising seas. The other races are very similar to humans, and among them werewolves and vampires are the most populous. The main objective of the characters in the game is to prevent the extinction of all living species, players will witness the story through three different characters, all named Alice.


Chronicles of Refugia features a werewolf, a human, and a third unknown individual, all named “Alice”. Each of the three heroines has her own ambitions and faces the same danger of extinction of her species. Red Alice is the daughter of a clan of werewolves who seek to rule the world. White Alice is an ordinary doctor who struggles between her role and her sense of values ​​while working in an ethically questionable establishment. The last Alice is Blue Alice whose history is unknown. There are two additional stories in addition to the main plot lines.

Chronicles of Refugia will be released in an episodic format with unique branching paths. Some stories will have one ending, some will have multiple endings, and some will let you tweak the details as you go, using various key choices and player decisions. The game will involve many beautiful locations and the storyline will be written by industry veterans, such as Takako Kano (Diabolik Lovers/Ken Ga Kimi) and Nikai Ninomae (Norn 9/Galtia).

According to the official website, the music for Chronicles of Refugia will be produced by Zizz Studio, with Kanako Ito (Steins;Gate/Chaos;Child) on vocals, along with Kazuhiro Watanabe and Stella Lee Jones. The localization producer will be Molly Lee, who previously worked on TaishoXAlice and You and Me and Her: A Love Story, so fans can expect a remarkable quality product. Players can now add the game to their wishlist.

Irene B. Bowles