Book Review: “The American Roommate Experiment: A Novel” by Elena Armas

A delicious romantic comedy, which once again follows the character of Rosie Graham (the first novel was The deception of Spanish love), where she quit her job to become a writer. This book is set six months later, she still hasn’t written her book, her best friend is married, and she has yet to tell her father or brother about her work. When the roof of her apartment collapses, she goes and stays at Lina’s house, as she is on her honeymoon. She has a surprise when Lucas Martin, Lina’s cousin, shows up to stay at the apartment. With neither of them having anywhere to go, they decide to share the apartment and become friends. Lucas is sexy, handsome, can cook and speaks Spanish. He agrees to help her write, taking her on a series of dates. They agree to be just friends as long as he’s here (which is three months). Well, we know how these things go and they soon start having sex and falling in love with each other. But he has luggage and has to leave the country because of his visa, even though she doesn’t want him to leave. If you’re a fan of this genre, it doesn’t get any better than this. We’ve been following these two from the start and watching them become friends, lovers, and lovers. A great sequel to the first novel.

you can pick up The American roommate experience in stores on Tuesday, September 6 from Atria.

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