Book Review – “Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code (Graphic Novel)”

Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code graphic novel will appeal to longtime fans and bring a spark of wonder to author Eoin Colfer’s magical story. Fans of the novel know that no one is better at being a criminal mastermind than Artemis Fowl. In Michael Moreci’s new adaptation with illustrations by Stephen Gilpin, Eoin Colfer’s book will once again entertain and amuse readers.

As this is the third book in the series, readers will find Artemis trying to go straight. The genius boy who would make a great Bond villain follows his father’s wishes and plans to use the family fortune for good. Artemis wants to make one last big play in the world of criminals, gangsters and the underworld. Using his incredible genius, as well as LEP technology, Artemis built an all-powerful computer, the C Cube.

Unstoppable, the C Cube can hack any technology, and Artemis plans to use the technology for a substantial payment from criminal John Spiro. No matter how good Artemis’ plans are, Spiro is one step ahead. The reunion fails, Artemis picking up the pieces. With the help of Foaly and Holly Short, there’s a slim chance that Artemis could regain control of the C Cube and save those he loves. Of course, all of this will come at a price.

The Artemis Fowl books are one of the magical moments in literature that is not only steeped in the fantasy/mythological genre, but each of them is spectacularly funny, thanks to the genius of author Eoin Colfer and his ability to do life and death experiments and fart jokes so incredibly hilarious. From passing gas to emotional stakes, Colfer draws audiences in with his wits, but the stakes in his stories are deadly, and even if our main character does bad things, we root for Artemis.

After reading all the books in the series, I was delighted to revisit the story of the Irish mastermind with Michael Moreci’s wonderfully succinct adaptation. A graphic novel cannot show all of the original text. Moreci picks out the essence of the story and deftly spends his time allowing us to focus on those critical moments in the book that fans of the show will know well.

The adaptation is concise in narrative, but Stephen Gilpin’s artwork blends perfectly with the text used by Moreci. Readers who have read the complete books know the story, so the graphic novel should pick up the essence of the original while standing out from the novel.

Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code is an excellent adaptation in graphic novel form. Not only do we see the visual of Artemis’ plan fail beautifully early in the book, but we also get to invest more in the relationship between Artemis and Butler. The way Colfer portrays the pain Artemis feels over what is happening to Butler is paired with deft illustrations that build on the book’s emotional output.

We care about Butler and support Artemis because Eoin Colfer has built such a detailed fantasy world that it would be impossible not to support Artemis. Moreci and Gilpin take this original story and make it their own with their choices and how they choose to put their own stamp on Colfer’s books.

Graphic novels are an amazing lens for revisiting a book you know with a fresh perspective. Michael Moreci and Stephen Gilpin have brought a fresh take on a beloved story. Fans of the original book will be delighted with the graphic novel version of Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code and will want to add this new book to their collection.

Irene B. Bowles