Best-selling Hindi novel ‘Banaras Talkies’ is now in English

The English translation of Hindi writer Satya Vyas’ best-selling book, “Banaras Talkies”, will hit bookstores in July, Penguin Random House India (PRHI) announced on Saturday.

The slice-of-life novel, originally published in Hindi in 2015, is translated into English by editor and translator Himadri Agarwal. It will be published under Penguin’s “Ebury Press” imprint.

Considered one of India’s best campus novels, “Banaras Talkies” follows three friends as they navigate undergraduate college life, consider stealing exam papers, struggle to talk to women, and forge friendships. that will last a lifetime with bad food.

”’Banaras Talkies’ is an award-winning Hindi bestseller. This “hostelgic” fiction has entertained Hindi readers for years. It gives me immense pride that we can now reach new readers in English thanks to Penguin Random House”, Vyas, the award-winning author of five bestselling books including ”Dilli Durbar” and ”Chaurasi’ ‘, said in a press release.

Set in one of India’s fastest growing colleges, Banaras Hindu University, the book aims to capture the struggles, aspirations and lives of young Indians.

”Translating ‘Banaras Talkies’ has been a journey of love, laughter and adventure. I was honored to translate it, and I can’t wait to see what English readers think of the book,” Aggarwal said.

According to the publishers, the book was written with the idiomatic flourish that is the hallmark of Banarasi colloquialism.

”’It’s a witty novel that takes readers on a laugh-filled journey down the halls of their college, joking with friends, conspiring to skip classes, heartbreaks and lucky successes in love, and the ever-looming pressure of having to someday leave college and “take life seriously,” said Elizabeth Kuruvilla, Managing Editor, Ebury Publishing & Vintage, PRHI.

”Banaras Talkies” is currently available for pre-order on all major e-commerce sites.

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Irene B. Bowles