B3 Labs CBD Products Achieve New Food Status

The approval follows the release of CBD products linked to new food apps last week, which saw more than 6,000 added to the list. The Food Standards Agency has registered nearly 12,000 products on this list.

B3 Laboratories has 525 products on the list, which places them in the top five manufacturers based on SKU count.

Companies can continue to apply for authorization of CBD food products through the regulated food process. However, new applications would not be eligible for public listing and should not be offered for sale until cleared.

“Significant moment”

Commenting on the endorsement, Managing Director Marc Burbidge said: “This is a historic moment for B3 Labs, but also for the European cannabis market as a whole. At B3, we’re committed to ensuring consumers know what they’re getting when they purchase CBD products, and today’s news is a major step in our growth journey.

“We hope to see more consumers in the cannabis market follow suit to drive transparency and assurance across the industry.”

Burbidge’s comments followed a report by cannabis research group Leafreport which claimed there was a lack of transparency and third-party testing in the consumer cannabis market.

Inaccurate labels

He also claimed that the majority of CBD consumer goods were not labeled with accurate information about their purity and potency.

B3 Labs produces a range of CBD oils, gummies and vapes and was recently acquired by UK-based specialist cannabis distributor Sana Life Science. It operates in a number of markets across Europe, including the UK and Germany.

Meanwhile, last month the British government was asked to stop adopting a “disinterested, distanced and laissez-faire” attitude towards the cannabis sector,according to a new report from industry stakeholders.

The report proposed a regulatory framework that would achieve three important goals: creating a global competitive advantage for the UK after Brexit; create regulatory best practices for future new products; and strengthen the UK’s status as an innovator and global leader on environment, health and quality of life issues.

Irene B. Bowles