Author Andre Parker’s new book “Interviewing Granddad” is a gripping novel that follows the twenty-four hours Arthur Parts spends with his grandfather.

Butler, Pennsylvania native Andre Parker has finished his new book “Interviewing Granddad”: a gripping novel that portrays Arthur Parts, who decides to spend time with his grandfather before it’s too late. The two spend twenty-four hours together, chatting and learning as much as they can from each other while they still have time.

Author Andre Parker writes, “For years I tried to figure out what to tell you. I’ve been hurt by you before, and I don’t think that’s fair. Not once, not twice, not even three times. You’ve hurt me far too much for me to count. You’ve tried to take it away from me time and time again, but you haven’t won this battle yet. Even if you do, he will still be the real winner. You don’t know how it’s possible? Because it’s a win-win for him. Sure, you could kill him, but he won’t feel pain anymore. You could also let him live, and he would feel the pain, but he would be shown once again that he can do anything and that his family and friends will always be there for him. You can’t win! It’s impossible. You gave me moments with him that wouldn’t have existed without your help, so I should thank you for that. Not just me, but anyone who cares about him, or even who cares who cares about him. The numbers keep increasing for those in his corner, and your number stays the same. It’s just you. You may be much stronger than him, but when we all come together, we will defeat you. Good luck getting that off him. Even if you eliminate it, you will never knock it down.

Published by Page Publishing, Andre Parker’s meaningful story encourages readers to think about how they would spend twenty-four more hours with a loved one they have lost.

Readers wishing to discover this captivating work can purchase “Interviewing Granddad” in bookstores worldwide or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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