Another 2001 light novel’s English release date is now set for December

The previously announced official English version of Another 2001 The Yen Press light novel has been pushed back again – this time to December 13, 2022. Although originally slated for a March 22 release, the light novel has faced multiple delays: First, it was pushed back to May, then June, then, the June 16 release date was listed as September 20, to now be listed as December.

The reasons for the delays are unclear, although supply issues (which we talked about) and paper shortages are possible culprits. Delays are not uncommon, especially now, but we reached out to Yen Press on June 16 to find out more about the situation. However, we have not received a response to date.

Another 2001 is a sequel to the very popular Another one light novel by Yukito Ayatsuji. The original novel received an anime adaptation by studio PA Works in 2012. Ayatsuji also wrote the sequel, which features illustrations by Hiro Kiyohara. The book was published on September 30, 2020 in Japan by Kadokawa.

The Yen Press release will be available in digital and hardcover editions. The hardcover, which will be 290 pages, will cost $25.00, while the digital will cost $9.99. Yen Press describes the plot of Another 2001 as:
IT’S BEEN THREE YEARS since the 1998 “calamity” that claimed the lives of many Yomiyama North Middle Class 3 students. After Sou Hiratsuka, an acquaintance of 1998 survivor Mei Misaki, discovers that he is placed in the cursed class, he and his peers develop a series of countermeasures to prevent further tragedy. But when Sou’s classmates and family members begin to die in a series of horrific “accidents”, he and Mei realize that calamity has once again gripped their town. To stem the tides of death, the pair will be forced to reckon with Yomiyama’s deepest mysteries…

Another 2001 – Cover; ©Yukito Ayatsuji, Hiro Kiyohara/ Kadokawa Shoten

Feature Image: ©Yukito Ayatsuji / Kadokawa Shoten / Team Another

Irene B. Bowles