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HYDERABAD: Bookchor, which organized the Lock the Box book sale in the city, recently launched the country’s first reverse logistics app called “Dump”. The app allows users to sell used books to Bookchor. The company collects second-hand books from readers across India through reverse logistics (supply chain management that brings goods back from customers to sellers or the manufacturer). Co-owner of the company Vidhyuth Sharma opens up to CE on the response from Hyderabad booksellers and second-hand shoppers and much more about the Dump app of keeping the reading habit alive and effortless.

The pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone. It was the same for Bookchor, but that was the time when the company realized that people had no place to sell their pre-loved books in India and wanted to find a solution for them. That’s how they created the ‘Dump’ app that allows anyone to sell their old books to make room for new ones on their shelves. Books will be picked up at the door.

“Some are bibliophiles, but most readers like me are just readers. We don’t like to hoard. We read, absorb, and then allow others to enjoy the books, and also make room on the shelf for other books. The app allows readers to sell their books to Bookchor. Bookchor then sells it to other readers. The app is perhaps the first reverse logistics app in the country. As we are not a large company, the logistics are difficult for us, but it is for the readers that we do it.

Our aim is to inculcate the habit of reading in Indians. Before, books were expensive and rare books were hard to find, we just make it easy with our platform,” says Vidhyuth. Bookchor, an online bookstore is the brainchild of couple Vidhyuth and Meenal which has three million registered readers looking for second hand books, rare old books and textbooks based in Sonipat, Haryana. Bookchor sells pre-loved books online across India, making them available at the click of a button. “We always sell more books in Hyderabad, more than in other cities.

Hyderabad has this love for reading. But, I was amazed when a city girl recently asked Bookchor to collect 600 books she wanted to sell. We have collected all the books and they are now on sale for other readers,” Vidhyuth said. Adding: “This was the largest order we have received for book collection from an individual so far.”

Originally named Bookthief, the annual turnover of the company is around 6 Crore. but, the intention is not just profit. Vidhyuth is a simple man, he doesn’t even own a car. He goes by bike to his office, 13 km from his home in Sonipat

Irene B. Bowles