Alcoholism is a lonely demon” is educational, exciting and inspiring!

Art Gilles (Donald Gillespie), writer, artist, singer, songwriter, guitarist, U.S. Navy veteran, and drug addict graduated from California State University with honors, having earned both a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a Masters of Arts in Counseling, and has maintained a continuous and gradual recovery by helping others since 1992, has completed his new illustrated book “Sobriety Castle: The Rise and Fall of Stuart MacPherson: Alcoholism is a Lonely Demon”: a gripping and powerful illustrated novel that keeps the pages turning until its dramatic conclusion.

“Sobriety Castle” is a must-have “drama” self-help novel for understanding alcoholism and other addictive behaviors with exciting and entertaining stories of romance and adventure.

Year 1963: Young US Navy sailor Stuart is a Polaris missile crane cabin operator aboard the USS Hunley (AS-31) at HolyLoch, Scotland, where one night he befriends the wandering ghost of Queen Anne. Join fictional character Stuart MacPherson on his international roller coaster journey from the bottomless pit of drug and alcohol addiction to a world of hope and success through healing.

Find out how alcoholism affects families and, in our story, how Stuart’s faithful and courageous wife, Maria, supported her husband in the worst times and later, once Stuart got sober, in the best times.

Once in recovery, Stuart battles his demons daily and soon learns that to keep himself clean and sober he must dedicate his life to helping others, who are suffering and nearly dead alcoholics and drug addicts – who have no idea that there is a way out of addiction. To this end, Stuart founded a sober living house called Sobriety Castle.

Published by Page Publishing, Art Gilles’ captivating illustrated book is an invaluable resource for anyone walking the difficult path to sobriety.

Readers wishing to discover this captivating work can purchase illustrated book “Sobriety Castle: The Rise and Fall of Stuart MacPherson: Alcoholism is a Lonely Demon” in bookstores worldwide, or online at Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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