The Bookseller – Rights – Dialogue rushes for Jeffs’ first queer friendship novel

Dialogue Books got This lovea “courageous and heartwarming” novel about homosexuality and chosen family by author and journalist Lotte Jeffs.

Editorial director Maisie Lawrence has acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Abigail Bergstrom at Bergstrom Studio. This love should be released in 2023.

Jeffs has spent her career in the British press, having worked as an editor for She and ES Magazine. She is editor-in-chief for Grace and co-host of the “Some Families” podcast which discusses modern families and LGBTQ+ parenting. His author credits include How to be a Gentlewoman: The art of soft power in difficult times (Octopus), as well as the picture book My Magical Family (Puffins). Jeffs won the PPA Writer of the Year award and the Great British Podcast Award.

Her next novel follows Mae and Ari who meet in college and quickly become inseparable. The synopsis continues:Mae has known she’s been gay since a young age, is shy but attractive, and never misses a date. American newcomer Ari brings Mae out of her shell; it is flamboyant and its bright light attracts everyone it meets. They soon realize that this friendship will become the most important in their lives, but when Ari’s past drags him back into darkness, they must find a way to stay true to themselves and the family they want to build.

“The world around me disappeared as I rushed through Lotte’s beautiful and accomplished story,” Lawrence commented. “I have lived for Mae and Ari’s friendship and quest for a queer family and I remain truly amazed that This love is Lotte’s debut album. In this novel, Lotte gives voice and space to the beautiful reality of queer lives and chosen family. Lotte is already such a force for good.

Bergstrom said: “It’s a platonic love story that’s beautiful and heartbreaking in the way that true friendships are. It asks the most important questions: What love is this? What if the life you have always imagined turned out to be a life you never could have imagined?Lotte is a talented writer who brings insight and humor to important topics.

Jeffs added, “I wanted to write a story about the passion for queer friendship I felt and how that platonic love evolves over a lifetime. Exploring the fluidity of family through characters that I hope everyone will fall in love with, there is no publisher more perfect than Dialogue for this book.

Irene B. Bowles