The Bookseller – Rights – Cassava Republic highlights Ruiz’s “beautifully rendered” novel

Cassava Republic has picked up Amos Ruiz’s ‘powerful and immersive’ coming-of-age novel Fly, brother.

Associate editor Layla Mohammed has acquired the English language rights of the print and electronic world for Laetitia Rutherford’s novel at Watson, Little. Publication is scheduled for spring 2023.

Fly, brother follows Carlos and his Spanish mother as they leave Catalonia for London, shedding his Afro-Brazilian father and early memories. As he confronts the realities of his new life, he is driven to search deep within his mind for what, perhaps, was initially lost.

“In this novel, Ruiz delivers a tender story of a young first love; a story of breaking inherited cycles of abuse and addiction; a subtle mystery about formative memory; and a story of what it feels like to choose hardest of all – whether to live or die,” the synopsis reads. “Fly, brotherCarlos’ young narrator is beautifully rendered in an intimate voice that slowly matures throughout the novel as he grows and schisms open within him.”

Muhammad said:Fly, brother is a heart-to-mouth read that grips you from the first few pages and won’t let go. In this nostalgia-filled story, 1990s London feels like a character in its own right, serving as the backdrop for a haunting but vital exploration of childhood, drug addiction, abuse and migration. I’m thrilled to have acquired this powerful and immersive coming-of-age tale that will resonate with teens and adults alike.

Ruiz was born in Madrid in 1984 to an Equatorial Guinean mother and a Spanish father. He came to London aged 10 and grew up in Ladbroke Grove. After working in investment banking for five years, at the age of 31, he moved away from the world of finance to pursue his interests in writing and film.

He said: “Somewhere there is a vulnerable teenager who will feel less alone after reading this novel. And if he gets to read it, I will have fulfilled my calling as a writer.

Rutherford commented, “Amos Ruiz captivated me with the voice of its young protagonist Carlos and with a novel that has a sense of truth.”

Irene B. Bowles