The author of Sun Lakes writes a Parisian romance novel


Sun Lakes author Sandra Givens has once again proven herself to be one of the East Valley’s most prolific authors.

The California native has just released her sixth novel, “Night Flight to Paris,” which centers on a single woman who finds love and adventure on a solo trip to the City of Light.

Its protagonist, Sophie Jones, is literally ready to board a plane for Paris when the girlfriend who was supposed to join her calls and cancels.
She had never traveled alone before but soothed her initial panic by remembering her assertions:

“You can do it. You are brave. Take control of your life. Get on the plane!”
Shortly before takeoff, a handsome stranger takes a seat next to her and you’ll have to read the book to find out.

Although Givens was not at all happy with the restrictions the pandemic imposed on her for almost two years, her muse helped her through the rough parts. Last year, she released “Love at the Ranch” and revised her first novel, “Running Horse Ranch,” which had attracted romance novel fans.

The new book “took a little longer because there was more research and I didn’t put pressure on myself,” she said, explaining:

“Some of my stories came together quickly, some not so much. Writing is fun and usually gives me pleasure, but formatting and other technical stuff is a necessary evil for me.

Although her latest novel took her longer than usual, Givens had time, as COVID-19 and its restrictions hampered her travels.

“Travel for me is still slow — mostly back and forth to California to see my family and friends,” she said.

To some extent, Givens’ latest novel is partly inspired by the travel adventures she shared with a friend named Ellen – after whom Sophie’s missing companion, Ellie, is named.

“She and I had some wonderful adventures,” Givens said. “I love Paris but she doesn’t, so I thought ‘could I? Would I travel alone? That may have been the inspiration for the book. Of course, I write stories of love, so the love interest is a handsome and somewhat mysterious Frenchman named Rafael DuBois, aka Rafa.

Givens said it had been a while since she had been to Paris, although she yearned for a trip back to Africa.

“When I was preparing to go to college, I wanted my parents to send me to France to the University of Grenoble,” she recalls. ” This does not happen. I blame my uncle Max for my travel bug and the desire to speak French. He was a “jet jockey” for the Navy, as he called himself. He had great stories and also told me that French was the language of diplomacy. I studied it, but I’m not fluent at all.

Givens, who earned his bachelor’s degree in English from California State University in Sacramento, is a recipient of the International Association of Business Communicators’ Lifetime Achievement Award. She is also a member of the Romance Writers of America.

She’s also an author who never stops keeping her eyes and ears open for a potential storyline of her real-life activities.

“When my PC was in the store for a few days, I started with a new idea, handwriting notes in one of those black and white notebooks we all had in school,” recalls -she. “I can’t let an idea disappear just because my PC isn’t available.”

That means she’s already hard at work on her next novel, tentatively titled “Danger in the Desert.”

The next one has a working title of Danger in the Desert.

Givens said that sometimes people who recognized her name in one of her books asked her where she got her ideas.

“I don’t mean to sound crazy, but really, the story ideas just pop into my head,” she laughed.
As for the writing, she told the SanTan Sun News in a previous interview, “I think it’s a good way for me to escape the ugliness of what happened in this country. I can put the news aside and go to an imaginary country.

As for her leaning towards romantic fiction with a dash of mystery, she explained, “I guess I’m a hopeful romantic — I always want a happy ending. Who doesn’t like being in love? And be loved.

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