Paralyzed man uses new brain implant to ask to hear

TOOL is tangentially involved in a revolutionary new medical achievement. According to a new article published in Sciencea totally paralyzed patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) received a new brain implant that allows him to use electrodes to communicate with doctors, and one of the sentences he managed to utter was a request for listening to a TOOL album at high volume.

The science behind this is quite complex, but essentially the man who is unable to move or speak has had two square electrodes surgically implanted in the part of his brain that controls movement. From there, he is able to use certain pitches that say “yes” and “no” to communicate with the research team and write sentences one letter at a time. The article refers to him being able to say things like “Goulash soup and sugar snap pea soup” and “I love my cool son”. He also managed to communicate the words, “I would like to listen to the TOOL album loudly.”

If there was ever a question about the dedication of TOOL fans, this guy’s inspiring courage will crush all doubts. Hope the doctors had high quality speakers because the patient deserves the best Lateral listening experience that money can buy. Check out the fascinating story here to learn more about the scientific process.

Irene B. Bowles