NYU Tandon expert on new materials and 3D printing safety elected Fellow by materials company ASM International

Newswise – BROOKLYN, New York, Wednesday, March 30, 2022 – The Board of Directors of ASM International(formerly the American Society for Metals), elected Nikhil Gupta, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, member of the Society. ASM, a global organization with over 20,000 members, grants Society scholarshipswhich he established in 1969, on those whom he recognizes as having made significant contributions in the field of materials science and engineering.

Gupta, which is also affiliated with the Department of Civil and Urban Engineering, and the NYU Center for Cybersecurity, received the honor – among the highest in materials engineering – for his pioneering contributions to the science and technology of lightweight polymer and metal matrix composites. He is also recognized for his outstanding dedication to educating the public about scientific discoveries. As a Fellow, Gupta becomes a member of a broad forum for technical and professional leaders to serve as advisors to the Society. In 2021, the ASM elected 20 researchers and experts in the field as Fellows.

With a range of research areas, including the sustainable manufacturing of composite materials, the development of new safety methods for 3D printing, and the use of machine learning methods for material characterization, Gupta has presented more than 100 invited and guest lectures and has authored 23 book chapters and over 200 journal articles. . He has also written or edited several books and is the inventor of 7 issued US patents.

Among the awards and honors Gupta has received are the 2020 Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) Brimacombe Medalist Award, ASM International Silver Medal, Minerals, Metals and Materials Award, TMS Young Leader Professional Development Award and the ASM Guest Lecture Award. -Indian Institute of Metals.

His research interests, educational initiatives and innovations span a wide landscape, including:

“Nikhil’s election to the elite ranks of ASM Scholars is a well-deserved recognition of his scholarship, research, and mentorship of students. It is also a testament to the quality and innovative work of our faculty in all of our areas of excellence,” said Jelena Kovačević, Dean of NYU Tandon.

Gupta served as chair of the TMS Composite Materials Committee (2016-2018) and membership secretary of the American Society for Composites. He currently sits on the editorial board of Materials Science and Engineering A, Advanced composites and hybrid materials and the Journal of Materials Processing and Characterization.

Gupta will accept the ASM Fellow Award at IMAT’22 in New Orleans, Louisiana, September 12-16, 2022.

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