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ST. GEORGE- A former St. George man plans to donate some of the proceeds from his new novel ‘Awakened’ to help doctors working on the front lines in Ukraine.

Aaron Hall, an Amazon bestselling author who now lives in Lehi, is set to release the third novel in his trilogy.”The Wevlian Chronicles” April 2nd.

Hall will donate all of its proceeds from the first month of this new novel.”awake” to Doctors Without Borders with the aim of helping frontline doctors in Ukraine. It will also include all royalties from the pre-sale of the book in the charitable donation.

This isn’t the first time Hall has donated the proceeds of her posts to charity.

For the second volume of the trilogy “purged”, released last year, Hall donated its first month’s profits directly to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Hall chose to donate his royalties to this cause to honor a close friend who nearly ended his life in 2019.

Portrait of Aaron Hall, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of Aaron Hall, St. George News

“With this year in Ukraine, I’m not a big fan of the conflict going on there so I’m deciding to do the same as last year… And this time, donate it to Doctors Without Borders,” he said. “They have been on the ground in Ukraine to bring relief to the victims of this crisis.”

Hall told St. George News that since this is the culmination of a fantastic trilogy, he is thrilled with its release. But being able to give back adds another layer.

“It’s more fulfilling that way,” he said.

Hall moved to St. George at age 7 and remained a resident until he transferred from Dixie State University to the University of Utah at age 23.

He said his interest in writing was sparked in fourth grade when he was commissioned to write a Halloween story. Shortly after, at a parent-teacher conference, her teacher raved about her writing to her parents. It was then that he realized his love and talent for writing.

“Then in sixth grade I wrote a short story about my friends and started writing my first novel at 15,” he said. “I finished the first draft of this novel in high school and published it shortly after my (church) mission. Writing has always been a part of my life, digging through books daily and setting goals to publish a new book every year.

After graduating from Pine View High School in 2010, Hall attended Dixie State University for Motion Picture Production. During this time, he served on the Institute Council, student government, and worked on local film productions in Washington County.

The Wevlian Chronicles

The Wevlian Chronicles is a three-part series that took 15 years to complete, he said. The series follows a child who is predestined by a dragon god to be the next king of the kingdom that has collapsed under the rule of tyranny.

Hall further described that in the first book, “Predestined, the main character is tested for the throne while facing an internal struggle to assume responsibility with the weight of the kingdom on his shoulders.

In book two,purgethe kingdom goes to war with a neighboring kingdom and includes family disagreements and drama regarding the true heir to the throne. The third and final book in the series,Wake up, features a disgruntled soldier seeking revenge on a beloved king, resulting in a series of lies and murders.

“Awakened” will be released on April 2. The pre-sale of “Awakened” is available now.

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Irene B. Bowles