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A Ladysmith author explored themes of friendship, love and death in her debut novel, Shimmyinspired by real events.

The idea for the story came to Anne Cateaux over a decade ago when her sons saw a fawn drown on a beach after being frightened by the family’s German Shepherd, Rubrum, and running into the water. ‘water.

“Super tragic and as you can imagine my sons were really overwhelmed with grief and shock and what really followed was this question about ‘where do our pets go when they die,'” Cateaux said. . “We’ve always had pets and that required more than just a ‘it’s OK’ type response.”

It took him more than a year and a half to answer the question by telling stories, writing between his full-time job and other responsibilities.

“I always had an active imagination and from there this whole story exploded in my mind, which was to answer their question,” she said, adding that she was writing over the weekend. and in the evening after the children have gone to bed.

She drew inspiration from her sons and their friends to create characters – she said they were all very excited to hear the story. They slept for four days and she read the novel from cover to cover, getting feedback from the children.

“What started out as a very small story turned into this pretty huge novel and they loved it and I was on my quest to get it published, but it took a decade and now it’s going great “, said Cateaux.

She aimed the story at young adults, but said she received feedback from all ages who liked it. “It just seems like a story that really appeals to young people with all our hearts.”

She said she would like to see the word shimmy become common to describe a “transition”.

“My belief system is that we are energy and we take that in while we’re alive and well in 3D existence, but when it’s time to transition, we just go back to source – we go back to energy, as all living creatures do,” she says. “I guess that’s the big heavy message there.”

It was the foundation of her story where she addressed the big concerns her children were going through at the time – drama and friendship dynamics, bullies and secrets.

“Really at the heart of it, it’s about relationships. It’s a matter of love,” she said.

Cateaux said she was working on a sequel to Shimmy and planned to continue writing fiction afterwards.

“I was truly blessed to be born into a family where my mother, who is from London England, was a teacher/librarian. There were five children running around our house and there were always books,” said she declared.

“It’s just the importance of writing both to me – it’s a gift for me to get these ideas and characters out of my head on paper, but then hopefully for those who engage and really enjoy the stories.”

The book can be purchased locally at 49th Parallel Grocery Stores, Triple Spiral in Victoria, Wishes in Duncan, and Aurora Arcana in Nanaimo. It can also be found on Amazon and other major book retailers.

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