JS Wood’s new novel ‘Off The Grid’ is a fun and romantic new story of a woman who moves the mountains of Colorado and finds an unexpected connection that will change her life forever

JS Wood’s “Off The Grid” has been released worldwide. This 443-page novel tells the story of Quinn Green, who made the big decision to uproot her life and move with her daughter to rural Colorado. As she settles into her new life, things don’t go as planned. She faces many challenges with her home in a small town, but when she meets handyman Graham, it creates a connection that brings them closer despite the obstacles that try to keep them apart.

With a focus on simple joys, lighthearted moments, and an honest depiction of a budding relationship, Wood takes a fresh approach to common romance themes. Graham is a normal guy, their problems are realistic, and the characters really lean on each other for support, drawing readers in with a portrayal of love and family that touches home.

It’s the first in Wood’s “Average Gents” series, inspired by her own move from the city to the countryside and her desire to reframe romantic stories with more authentic elements.

Off-grid (ISBN: 9781737419358) by JS Wood can be purchased from retailers worldwide, including barnesandnoble.com and Amazon. The paperback sells for $13.99 and the e-book sells for $3.99.

From the back cover:

Quinn Green packed up with her daughter to live in the mountains of Colorado.

Although she is delighted with this adventure for them, she does not expect it to be so much work. Or having to call for help so quickly.

Graham Trevors is an Army veteran who now makes a living by fixing other people’s problems, i.e. household problems. Traveling as a handyman in a small farming town isn’t all that exciting, until he gets a request from someone new.

The moment Graham meets Quinn Green is the moment his life changes forever. Through fun times and tough times, these two grow closer over the months, and then, when one oversteps, the other backs off.

But they won’t let that stop them from being happy forever…will they? Off The Grid is book 1 in the Average Gents series and is an interconnected standalone book. Always happiness forever.

About the Author:

JS Wood has been writing short stories since she was a teenager, her love of romance novels inspired her to write her own. His stories are cute and humorous with usually someone falling, getting burned, or hurting themselves in a fun, slapstick fashion. If you love romantic comedy, you’ll love his books.

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