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It is a misconception that Dunes is an independent novel. In fact, it’s the first book in a much longer series, though the screen adaptations never made it past the conclusion of this particular story. There is also some confusion regarding which books are written by Frank Herbert and which are the work of his son, Brian Herbert, and which are compilations or collaborative efforts.

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There are six books that make up the original Dune Chronicles by Frank Herbert, and fans can continue this story courtesy of Herbert’s son, Brian, and writer Kevin J. Anderson. The amount of material in the franchise outside of these novels is equally impressive. fans of Dunes have a lot to enjoy after finishing the books, but for those new to the series, Frank Herbert’s original works are a great place to start. Spoilers ahead for those in the middle of these immersive, fantasy novels.

6 Dunes (1965)

The cover of the novel Dune by Frank Herbert

the original Dunes has an interesting story, as epic novels of this scope often do. It was first published in two parts in a science fiction magazine called Analog under the titles dune world in 1963 and The Prophet of Dune in 1965. After some revisions and editing, it was published in a single volume by Chilton Books, which is another interesting twist because that company didn’t even normally publish fiction.

Dunes is still one of the most popular and best-selling science fiction novels in history, as well as being critically acclaimed, award-winning, and followed by a dedicated fan base. The effect on pop culture has reached far beyond the realm of literature and live-action adaptations. One of the first RTS computer games was Dune IIand while it had little to do with the events of the books, it was inspired by their lore and took place on the spice planet of Arrakis.


5 Dune Messiah (1969)

The Dune Messiah, Frank Herbert

dune messiah was serialized in the magazine Galaxy earlier in the same year that it was published. It begins 12 years after the end of the previous book and continues to tell the story of Paul and the holy war House Atreides is waging across the known universe. Around this time, Paul became the Emperor by marriage to Princess Irulan, despite the fact that he refused to consummate their union. The story ends when he disappears into the desert and leaves his sister, Alia, to act as regent.

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The events of this novel include more drama and detail about life in Arrakis, the structure of the Empire, and the feuding noble houses. Paul survives several assassination attempts, including a plot involving Irulan and the Bene Gesserit Order. The 2003 miniseries titled Children of Dunewhich appeared on what is now called the Syfy Channel, included this book, the first and third novel from which it is named.

4 Children of Dune (1976)

Dune Denis Villeneuve Storyboards

The last of Frank Herbert’s Dune Chronicles to be serialized in a magazine prior to publication, Children of Dune also appeared in Analog before its publication by Putnam Books. Nine years passed between the end of dune messiah and the start of Children of Dune, and meanwhile, the other nobles close in on House Atreides in Paul’s absence.

Apart from threats from outside, there are also problems within the Atreides family threatening Leto II and Ghanima, Paul’s twin children. Their aunt, Alia, was possessed by the malevolent spirit of her Harkonnen ancestors on her mother’s side. Lady Jessica returns to the planet and understands Alia’s affliction, but whether she can save both her daughter and her grandchildren is the main plot of the story.

3 God Emperor of Dune (1981)

Paul stands in front of a huge relief sculpture of Arrakis in Dune's 2021 thread-adaptation.

Time jumps between books have been negligible so far compared to God Emperor of Dune, which takes place 3,500 years later Children of Dune ends. Leto II Atreides, the same child who was born in the previous book, ruled the Empire as a half-human, half-worm tyrant for eons. His mutation makes him immortal, omniscient, and the only remaining worm in the universe after the terraforming of Arrakis.

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There is a method to Leto’s madness, which becomes more apparent as the novel progresses. His visions foretold the final stagnation and end of humanity unless certain events occur, and his despotic rule is deliberately designed to crumble under its own weight. The tone and theme of this novel is more about the science of psychology and the cycles of human society than the environmental message.

2 Heretics of Dune (1984)

chronicles of the dunes last 3

For 1500 years after the assassination of Leto II, humans followed the Golden Path heralded by his visions. The Giant Worms have returned to the Spice Planet, now called Rakis, and each carries a piece of the former Emperor’s consciousness. The Bene Gesserit still exist, but as an order they have come to doubt the path they have chosen. They also have competitors in a similar female order, the Honored Matres, who adhere to a violent and fanatical religious doctrine.

Although the setting of the novels seems optimistic, the story ends with the final destruction of the planet formerly known as Arrakis. It wasn’t exactly an accident, however, as the Bene Gesserit managed to escape with a single worm. They plan to release this worm on a planet called Chapterhouse which they are cultivating for this very purpose.

1 Chapter House: Dune (1985)

frank and brian herbert dune books with kevin anderson

Chapter house: Dune continues the drama of the earlier novel, without the huge time jump characteristic of other sequels in the series. The conflict between the Bene Gesserit and their rivals, the Honored Matres, continues. The latter nearly succeeded in taking over what is now called the Old Kingdom, and although their ultimate goal is to exterminate the Bene Gesserit, they still pursue them for the knowledge that was lost during the Dispersion. . This is how the diaspora of humanity is described as it unfolded during the reign of Emperor Leto Atreides.

The story ends on more of a cliffhanger than any of the other books. Since Frank Herbert passed away in 1986, it will be some time before his notes for “Dune 7” are compiled into the series conclusion, Dune Hunters in 2006 and Towards the sands of the dunes in 2007. These books were completed and published by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

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