Davenport author’s third graphic novel in series set for national release

College Misadventures: Dance CatastropheThe third full color graphic novel by Davenport-based author/illustrator Jason Platt will debut nationwide on April 5.

published by Little Brown Books for Young Readersa division of Hachette Book Groupgraphic novel is next in line Misadventures in college series.

Platt’s initial Misadventures in college debuted nationally in April 2019 and landed on Texas Library Association’s Little Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List 2020a recommended reading list of graphic novels designed for children in grades K-5.

The cover of Jason Platt’s latest graphic novel, “Middle School Misadventures: Dance Disaster”.

These 52 books were chosen by public and school librarians who are members of the Texas Library Association’s Children’s Roundtable, which promotes services to children and youth. His second book in the series, Middle School Misadventures: Operation Hat Heistdebuted in April 2020 and also found itself selected for the TLA’s Little Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List 2021.

In Platt’s Third Misadventures in college graphic novel, the perfectly comfortable life of Newell’s main character is turned upside down when his teacher, Mrs. Hendricks, announces the upcoming school dance AND he finds out that his father is dating his math teacher, forcing Newell to accept the change and to grow.

Last year, the seventh-grade dance was awesome, and Newell used it to invent his signature move: The Shake and Slide, according to a book synopsis. But when Newell realizes this dance is for the whole school, not just eighth grade, he begins to worry that his friends are mating and the dance will end up breaking up the gang. Things go from bad to worse when Skyler jinxes Newell: he stubs his toe, breaks his arm, and even misses Mr. Todd sliding through the cafeteria on a banana peel.

And as if that weren’t enough, Newell’s dad has started dating again… and is specifically starting to date Newell’s math teacher, Miss Tanner. Newell decides there’s NO WAY he’s going to prom…until he meets Brenda.

Aimed at ages 8-12, the graphic novel once again features Newell surrounded by his beloved best friends Collin, Lilly, Skyler, Max and Clara as they navigate life at Garfield Middle School.

The new 240-page book is available for pre-order in paperback and hardcover form from various retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Apple Books, google play, Books-A-Millionand Kobo. For more information, visit www.lbyr.com.

Jason Platt of Davenport.

Platt graduated from The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), graduate in illustration. In 2015, he was unanimously accepted into the National Society of Designersthe largest and most prestigious organization of professional designers in the world – whose elected membership list includes more than 500 of the world’s leading designers working in many branches of the profession.

Platt is also a member of the Society of Writers and Illustrators of Children’s Books. He is represented by Timothy Travaglini of transatlantic agency.

Follow his work online at:

Website: https://www.middleschoolmisadventures.com/

Facebook: @jasonplatt.illustrator

Instagram: @jasonplatt_cartoonist

To schedule an author conference, visit https://www.authorsoutloud.com/jason-platt.

Irene B. Bowles