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INTEGRAL publishers from Romania announced the release of Karabakh Astrologer (Karabakh Astrologer) in partnership with the Armenian Cultural Foundation of Arlington.

Written in 1834 by Platon P. Zubov (1796-1857), Russian novelist of the early 19th century, The Karabakh Astrologer is a fascinating historical novel. Informed by a passionate love story, it is based on the evolution of Karabakh in the 18th century, which at the time was in turmoil and transformation. This is the third edition of Zubov’s novel. The first translation into Armenian, in 1882, is by the eminent 19th century novelist Raffi (1835-1888). The second English edition was published by the Armenian Cultural Foundation in 2012.

Zubov was born into a prominent family in Russia. His literary career, which began in 1834, spans more than two decades and includes 21 major plays.

He is the author of numerous works, including poetry, songs, quatrains, novels, as well as anthologies. Its rich literary heritage includes important sources, statistical data, charts and tables, biographies of famous military generals, geographical descriptions, anthropological sketches and observations on the way of life and culture of the peoples of the Caucasus.

The Karabakh Astrologer is a historical novel depicting the historical life experience of a people. “It tells within its limits how a people lived and worked. It also highlights its customs, traditions and mores; his intellectual and moral characteristics. In other words, he personifies the man of times past in his original, primordial form, which evolved over time and became unrecognizable to the present generation…. These words of Raffi most accurately speak to the meaning and role of historical facts in feeding the mind and enriching the imagination of a novelist. The Karabakh Astrologeralthough a work of fiction, reflects the realities of a stormy time in the Caucasus, where new values ​​and loyalties replaced old ones and transformed the region forever.

This is the fourth book in the ARMENIA INTEGRAL series published by Integral Publishers of Romania in partnership with Antares Publishers of Yerevan, and it is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Armenia. The series is dedicated to Armenian history, culture and civilization. Five more titles in the series are expected this year.

All books published in the series are translated from Armenian and/or English by Serge Selian, journalist, writer and former editor of the Armenian newspaper Ni Kyank (New Life) from Bucharest, now in Melbourne, Australia. He is the author of numerous articles, 12 monographs and translator of over 30 plays from Armenian into Romanian, including V. Grigorian’s Raul Timpului (Time River), at Akram Aylisli Piatră vise (Dreams of stone), Domnitorul armean Hovhannes (Hovhaness the Armenian Prince)

This project, bringing together people and organizations from Romania, Armenia, the United States and Australia, is a perfect example of a cultural collaboration, developed around the passion for history, culture and civilization. Armenians.

Copies of Karabakh Astrologer can be obtained via the direct link of the INTEGRAL editors >>

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This new announcement was published on Saturday March 26, 2022.

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