Announcing Marvel Untold’s Upcoming Prose Novel “Sisters of Sorcery”

In Sisters of Witchcraft, deep within the Dark Dimension, the tyrant Umar the Relentless yearns for cosmic power to expand his kingdom into new dimensions. When she kidnaps the cosmic being Ardina to make a sinister battery of her powers, she attracts the attention of Clea, her estranged daughter and powerful user of the mystical arts.

Clea knows her mother will stop at nothing to conquer all of the Splinter Kingdoms, putting all of reality in jeopardy. To defeat her, Clea must ally with three powerful witches, each with their own unique powers, cross dimensions and free Ardina and the entire archipelago of anguish and redemption before Umar consumes them all.

Sisters of Witchcraft is the last prose novel of the WONDER: INCOMPARABLE line from Aconyte Books. the Marvel: Unspeakable brings together the best villains, magical heroes and more from the farthest corners of the Marvel Universe. Whether it’s seeing a famous confrontation from a different perspective or exploring a piece of a character’s backstory we’ve never seen before, these novels bring those stories to light, revealing secrets and lost chapters of their rise to power.

Sisters of Witchcraft will be available in paperback and eBook format, available in bookstores and online retailers on September 6, 2022. Pre order now!

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Irene B. Bowles