All new tobacco products should be banned: Parents

  • By Wu Po-hsuan and William Hetherington / Journalist, with editor

About 97 percent of parents responding to a survey want all new tobacco products banned, a civic organization said yesterday, adding that about 73,000 teenagers in Taiwan use e-cigarettes or other similar products.

The survey, conducted by the National Alliance of Parents’ Organizations, showed that the majority of parents were unhappy with a proposal to ban only certain new tobacco products, the alliance said at a press conference in Taipei, held yesterday to coincide with Children’s Day. .

An amendment under official consideration would ban conventional oil-based e-cigarettes, but allow the sale of heated tobacco products, whose tobacco leaves are heat-treated, he said.

Photo: ANC

Allowing the sale of heated tobacco products would be a loophole that could potentially harm Taiwanese teenagers, he said, adding that it would run counter to years of efforts to limit tobacco use among teens. Taiwanese miners.

The survey found that 97.5% of respondents wanted conventional e-cigarettes banned, 95.5% wanted heated tobacco products banned, and 96.7% wanted all types of new tobacco products banned. tobacco products, he said.

In Japan, South Korea, and most U.S. states, where all new tobacco products are legal for sale to adults, the number of teens using these products rose sharply within a few years of entering the market, a he declared.

A similar trend is observed in Taiwan. There were around 57,000 young people in 2019 reporting regular use of conventional e-cigarettes and 16,000 using heated tobacco products – a total of 73,000 teenagers using new tobacco products, he said.

“Although the consumption of cigarettes has decreased, we are seeing an overall increase in the consumption of tobacco products,” said National Taiwan University Hospital physician Kuo Fei-ran (郭斐然).

A 2020 US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study found that e-cigarettes were responsible for at least 2,807 people hospitalized with lung damage and 68 deaths in the US the previous year , did he declare.

A Japanese study also showed that heated tobacco products pose the same level of risk of lung damage from acute pneumonia as e-cigarettes, he said.

The survey was conducted over 12 days from March 13 to 25 and collected 3,541 valid samples, the alliance said.

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