A Cork musician had a new idea during lockdown

A CORK musician took advantage of his time off during lockdown to indulge his passion for writing and completed the third volume in his own fantasy adventure series that allowed him to let his imagination run wild.

Niall O’Riordan has been a professional musician for 35 years.

However, with the pandemic impacting live music over the past 18 months, he has found time to indulge his love for writing using the stories he used to tell. to her children as inspiration for her own series of books.

Now aged 29, 26 and 12, the Fermoy native said his children encouraged him to write his great stories.

The books incorporate real historical figures in action, mixed with magical suspense and humor.

“They are a band of adventurous monks from Ardmore who must save the world many times over. They encounter historical figures along the way and magical creatures,” he explained.

“There is a bit of everything in it. It is a kind of science fiction, fantasy and adventure. Last spring, Niall released the first volume of his fantasy adventure series, The Monks Of Ardmore, which is based on stories he used to tell his children.

The second volume was released in the summer of 2020 and its latest, titled “The Monks of Ardmore III: Elvis, Amelia, The Dragon and The Goo” is available now.

While he started on the books in 2019, the lockdown gave Niall time to finally put pen to paper and focus on completing the books.

“I’m supposed to be a musician, but there wasn’t a lot of work, so I had all these stories in my head, I never had time to write them.

Niall O’Riordan, who turned to writing during confinement, is about to release the third volume in his series of adventures. The latest book will be available locally in Fermoy bookstores from early September and is available now on Amazon.

“So I’ve found the time with the lack of gigs over the last year and a half.”

Ideas for the books flooded the page when he began the writing process which involved leaving with a stack of paper and a pen and letting his imagination run wild.

“I just go somewhere nice with a bunch of paper and a pen and start writing and it would pretty much write itself,” he said.

“It’s a bit like reading a book. It sort of writes itself so you can surprise yourself as you write. It’s really nice, surprising and exciting.”

Often, he says, he himself doesn’t know what the next plot twist will be or what the next page will bring.

“I can work towards something, but it often twists.” He said he had a “pretty wild” imagination which can be seen in all three books.

Now living in Glanworth, Niall he “loves” the writing process and already has ideas for a fourth book.

“It kind of takes over your life. You find yourself thinking about the book when you should be thinking about something else.

The books, recommended for “nine to infinity readers”, are available locally in Fermoy and are on sale at The Coffee House, MJ Hanelys and Fermoy Books.

An e-book version is also available worldwide on Amazon.

Irene B. Bowles